Touch LCD Wireless Alarm System 433MHZ

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Touch LCD Wireless Alarm System 433MHZ Alarm system kits. High-quality security & protection. Touch LCD Wireless Alarm System 433MHZ. English Russian. Home automation kit Burglar Security Detector Sensor Alarm System Enjoy...

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Touch LCD Wireless Alarm System 433MHZ

Alarm system kits. High-quality security & protection. Touch LCD Wireless Alarm System 433MHZ. English Russian. Home automation kit Burglar Security Detector Sensor Alarm System Enjoy ✓Free Shipping Worldwide! ✓Limited Time Sale ✓.
NEW Upgrade GSM English Voice Remote touch-key Wireless Home House Burglar invasion Alarm System
Please Note:New module and new program G3B, the product has been upgraded, the single network GSM alarm, the quality is more stable!and it is only english system .
How to choose and use an alarm system
1. Now there are so many kinds of home alarm system products in the market that you may not know how to choose the most suitable. Here we have some suggestions about how to choose and use an alarm system for you.
2. Knowing whether you need a wired system or a wireless one. Normally we recommend wireless system because it is much easier for you to install.
3. Knowing a complete alarm system not only includes the common burglar alarm, but also includes fire alarm(smoke alarm), panic alarm, and environmental Alarm.
4. Count the number of doors and windows of your house which a burglar may access. Your alarm system should cover all the entrances in your house.
5. If you are pet owner, we recommend you to use pet friendly PIR motion sensor to immunity your pet. Because pet can even trigger a false alarm.
6. Decide if you need Smoke sensor, Gas sensor, Wireless Flash Siren to beef up your alarm system.
7. Find a proper place to install the alarm panel.
8. If you have problem of installation after reading user manual, it is better to ask for help rather than a faulty installation.
9. The first step in eliminating false alarms is to find out what is causing them(the cause for it), such as faulty installation, loose door/window contacts, low batteries or some other equipment issues.
10. Whether you are leaving your house for a few short minutes, working from home during the day or vacationing on the other side of the world, your alarm system should be armed and ready to alert you at all times.
Main Features
GSM quad-band(850/900/1800/1900MHz),voice prompt and SMS alarm
8 wireless remote controllers,20 wireless defense zones(support 100pcs wireless alarm sensors),3 wire defense zones
Blue backlighting graphic display for clear information
Touch keypad,super bright backlight screen with friction resistant and scratch resistant design
6 groups of alarm phone numbers,3 groups of SMS numbers
Built-in perpetual digital clock and calendar;memory save even when electricity is cut off
Voice prompt for operation guidance;artificial prompt,clear record playback
Wired siren in standard kit,wireless loud sound and light siren can be added
Timely arm and disarm
Arm/disarm delay,remote control to arm and disarm by remote controller,key and mobile phone
All zones could be programmed for immediate,delayed,24-hour and bypass alarm modes
Alarm call voice prompt:zone number,alarm type
Alarm type includes SOS alarm,fire alarm,gas leak,door alarm,hall alarm,window alarm,balcony alarm,and perimeter alarm
Intelligent learning code:convenient and simple to add detectors
Strong password recovery function:whether the alarm panel is in arm or disarm the lost password can be recovered
Event Log Query:alarm panel automatically records 30 pieces of all information concerning alarm events
Built-in loud speaker for listen-in and two-way intercom
Remote control by phone call,like arm,disarm and on-site monitoring
SMS prompt for power off and recovery
Alarm panel is equipped with built-in AAA NI-HM rechargeable battery
Life is better when you’re in control (Expandable (Optional))
Our alarm system lets you keep in touch with your home easily and conveniently, and from anywhere — on the road, at your office or while on vacation.
Practical Application


Anti-thief Function
With the door sensor and PIR motion sensor, the alarm panel will be triggered when a window/door is opened without authorization or when the PIR motion sensor detect the infrared ray of thief. An automated SMS text message will be sent to your cell phone if your door is opened when you are not and the siren will sound at the same time.


Prevent Gas Leakage
The wireless gas detector gives early warning of gas poisoning danger, preventing damage to vital organs and even death. As a fully supervised wireless detector, it transmits all alerts to the control panel, which instantly forwards the alert at the spot and also active the alarm panel to call & Send SMS to you. That enables a rapid and effective response to remove the gas poisoning danger, protecting children, the elderly and even pets, from an invisible and potentially deadly threat.


It is a fully supervised wireless smoke detector that is compatible with our alarm system. Achieving superior smoke detection sensitivity levels, it provides early warning of developing fire. If you install an alarm panel and smoke sensor in house, when smoke is detected, it will alert you by SMS & Calling. A smart anti-collision algorithm prevents signal jamming by simultaneous transmissions from multiple devices, it is designed for a wide range of home, residential and commercial applications.


Wireless Flash Siren(Optional)
With this wireless flash siren, it can send out 120db audio alarm and flash built-in LED/light when the system alarms. It needs it's power plugged into a socket, it also built-in rechargeable backup battery so that it can work even the AC main power source off.

Installation GuideIf you need, you can also contact the police, fire department, hospital or other emergency personnel to come to your home immediately. You can contact child/older to confirm whether they are okay or in need of asistance.


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